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"The avoidance of taxes is the only intellectual pursuit that carries any reward."
- John Maynard Keynes, economist

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"The wisdom of man never yet contrived a system of taxation that would operate with perfect equality." - Andrew Jackson

Dear Homeowner,
     Many properties are over-assessed and over paying in property taxes. Yours might be as well. When properties are not reappraised on a regular basis, values get distorted resulting in homeowners of similar properties paying significantly different property taxes.
     Your local government uses a mass appraisal process to value a large range of properties. They obtain valuation quickly and usually inefficiently.  While cost effective to the tax collection authority, it is not fair to a large portion of homeowners. Often previous house tax assessment information is erroneous rolled over into the next year.

        The National Taxpayers Union documents that as many as 60% of all properties in America are over assessed yet less than 1% appeal their taxes. The process to contest these contrived market values is relatively simple. With this new book and the provided forms, the odds are extremely favorable for you to win.

Why Do I Need a Helping Hand Preparing for a Property Tax Appeal?

     Most people don't appeal their house tax assessment because they don't know how.  Because over 95% of people have no idea how to determine if they are being overcharged, taxes remain unchallenged. It's not taught in our schools, not learned in college. And, if no one is going to show you what to expect and how to do it, it can be mighty irksome, intimidating and confusing. Our aim is to demystify this process, make it easy to understand and to put you in control of your property taxes. Once you own this book, the guesswork of reducing your property tax will end.

    You'll be hard pressed to find a book on this subject or of this caliber in a library or bookstore. We have browsed the shelves of Brentanos, Walden Books, Barnes & Noble, etc. and found nothing available to the public. We found most college libraries' shelves bare because of stolen or "missing" home appraisal texts. The few books that are in print are not geared for implementing action for the tax-abused victim.

First Class House Tax Reduction Information

      PROPERTY TAX APPEALS: HOW TO WIN YOUR CASE. How to Determine the Market Value of Residential Property
will guide you through the process of reducing your property tax. Challenging your house tax assessment can put thousands of dollars back in your pocket.   Furthermore, we will give you a money back guarantee if this book does not live up to your expectations.

      We will teach you about the house tax assessment and how it relates to market price. With the aid of this book you can accurately determine the correct house tax assessment for your home. Use our easy-to-use forms to champion a successful property tax appeal.

This is why you would want this incredible book:
4 Make the appeal process understandable and under your control.
4 Show you how to prepare for an appeal and what to adjust for in scrutinizing land value and residential property value.
4 Show you what specific information to gather and where and how to get it.
4 Supply the necessary forms for you to use in order to make an accurate and favorable impression.
4 Suggest to you what to say and what not to say to the tax authorities before whom you are appealing.

4 Provide a proven format to make your presentation appear top notch. First impressions count!

Are You Qualified To Prepare A Property Tax Appeal?

     Who knows your neighborhood or your house better than you? You know your property and your house - you live in it -- you're the expert! You know the flaws as well as the positive aspects. You observe the neighborhood from every angle; after all, you drive through it every day. You see the houses that are bought and sold. You're aware of who is moving into the neighborhood and who is moving out.
     Someone not familiar with the area and with your house would miss and misinterpret a lot of information. You really are the most qualified to assemble that information.
      You will be shown how and what info to assemble in oder to nail down the market value for yourself! Using this book as a guide and with your powers of observation, you can define the worth of your property with precision.

What Amount of Property Tax Savings Are We Talking About?

     People that appeal their property tax and win are never disappointed. Did you know that a recent average property tax appeal settlement in Washington D.C. was $1,273 saved per year? In Colorado it was $1,513. Other states are similar. Just think:

4$1,500 yearly tax savings in 10 yrs. @ 8% interest = $23,468
4 a nominal $500 yearly tax savings in 10 yrs. @ 8% interest = $7,823
4 a paltry $200 yearly tax savings in 10 yrs. @ 8% interest = $3,129      
        Progressive corporations, shopping centers, and businesses of all types routinely appeal their property tax. Shouldn't you also know if your home tax assessment is unfair? There may be a good chance your home value is out of line with the house tax assessment. Championing a property tax appeal serves to bring about an equalization of value between your property and those within your tax district. The property tax appeal is the means to ensure that fairness, not over payment, just contribution, not arbitrary assessment, result.

       From a study in New York, NYPIRG (the Washington based Tax Reform Research Group publication People & Taxes) concluded that about half of the residential neighborhoods were assessed too high. "A (New York) city homeowner who should pay a $1,000 tax bill had an equally good chance of paying $530 or $1,470 instead," People & Taxes reported.

     As mentioned previously, in Colorado, for instance, the average tax appeal resulted in a $1,513 savings to 29,586 people appealing their property tax (in a recent Annual Report submitted by the Colorado Department of Taxation on page 11). According to another Annual Report to Hawaii Department of Taxation's on page 10, the average appeal was settled for $19,264 in the taxpayers favor. Mind you, this is a savings to them every year! Property home value may be extra-expensive in Tom Selecks' Hawaii, nevertheless, if you decide not to appeal your property tax, what could that decision be costing you? If your property tax savings were $1,500 and each year you placed them in an IRA account yielding 8% interest for ten years, what would your results be? Could there be a treasure chest in the form of a property tax appeal buried in your back yard?

Property Tax Savings + Compound Interest Could Be Put In Your Purse or Wallet or in the Bond Market

year yearly saving saving plus interest   year yearly savings savings plus interest
year l $1,500 $1,620   year 6 $1,500 $11,884
year 2 $1,500 $3,696   year 7 $1,500 $14,455
year 3 $1,500 $5,259   year 8 $1,500 $17,231
year 4 $1,500 $7,299   year 9 $1,500 $20,230
year 5 $1,500 $9,504   year 10 $1,500 $23,468

     The graph shows that in ten years one would have saved $23,468 with an average $1,500 tax appeal reduction. How much extra are you giving away because of an improper house tax assessment?

4$1,500 yearly tax savings in 10 yrs. @ 8% interest = $23,468
4 a nominal $500 yearly tax savings in 10 yrs. @ 8% interest = $7,823
4 a paltry $200 yearly tax savings in 10 yrs. @ 8% interest = $3,129   

"I'm proud to be paying taxes in the United States. The only thing is, I could be just as proud for half the money." - Arthur Godfrey

Some Home Appraisal Valuation Areas Covered in This Book 

     This book shows how to value conventionally-built homes, manufactured homes, mobile homes, waterfront houses, shore homes, log homes, condominiums and co-ops. Mansions, house boats and historic homes are the only categories of homes not addressed in this book.

      Price/Gross Living space, Sales or Financing Concessions, Date of Sale adjustments, Locational adjustments, Types of Lots corrections, Leasehold/Fee Simple, Site adjustments, Land Valuation Tables, Slope, Additional Site Criteria, Environmental Factors, Toxic and Environmental Contaminants, View, Design and Appeal, Various House Descriptions Categories, Quality of Construction adjustments, Age of house adjustments, Condition of house adjustments, Check List of Repair Items, Above Grade Room Count, Gross Living Area adjustments, Basement and Finished Rooms Below Grade, Functional Utility, Minimum Standards for Room Size, Heating and Cooling, Special Energy-Efficient Items, Garage/Carport, Porches, Patio, Deck, Fireplaces(s), Etc., Fence, Pool, Etc., Net Adjustments, Adjusted Sales Price of Comparables and the Final Indicated Value of Subject explained in full.  We make it easy to understand and for you to plug in the right figures.
      Location of the building, type of lot, shape, slope and view has much to do with its valuation. Off-site or on-site environmental considerations such as water pollution, nitrates, PCP's, oil storage tanks, asbestos, lead paint, lead solder used for household drinking water, urea foam, electromagnetic radiation contamination from nearby transformers or high tension wires, radon, noise, odors, traffic patterns are well covered. Areas of flood zones, seismic activity and fire prone regions are addressed.
      Every different quality of construction, whether a low-quality to a very good quality of construction, is addressed and scrutinized for tax reduction consideration. Valuation on estimating depreciation for a shed, a deck or any other structure is covered and clarified by simple, easy-to-apply examples.

       Often a structure or part of a building is deteriorating or needs replacement in the near future. The effective age of a building may differ from the actual age of a building. A deck, roof or driveway that is aging provides immediate reductions in value. An easy-to-understand effective age depreciation procedure for any building, roof, driveway or any structure is provided.

     Hundreds of easy-to-understand examples are given. Also learn seldom used but effective props to embellish your presentation. Learn select reliable techniques to reinforce the final market value calculation for your home. You need not to know it all, just what applies to you.

Other Home Value Issues You May Want to Consider when Appealing Property Taxes.

    With the new Real Estate Disclosure Laws, all aspects of any property come into full view and scrutiny at the time of sale. A knowledgeable buyer will discount any negative areas and offer you less money for your house; that's your house's fair market value. It would be foolish to overpay your property tax by not taking your properties liabilities into consideration.

     You will be reminded of every area to take advantage of in the various house tax reduction categories open to appeal using this book. We upgrade PROPERTY TAX APPEALS: HOW TO WIN YOUR CASE. How to Determine the Market Value of Residential Property with additional information as it becomes available for FREE.

"Tax reform means, ‘Don't tax you, don't tax me. Tax that fellow behind the tree." - Lussell Long, U.S. Senator

House Tax Reduction Advice from Leading Property Tax Experts.

      We include advice from leading experts. Authoritative footnotes are referenced to underscore principles used by experts. Once you apply the rules to the categories in which your home qualifies you have an iron-clad case for a property tax appeal. With the shared advice from leading experts PROPERTY TAX APPEALS: HOW TO WIN YOUR CASE. How to Determine the Market Value of Residential Property will give you an edge few have.

     Unlike your federal income tax where you need to buy the current Federal Income Tax guide book or tax program every year (if you use the long form), you need to purchase only one guide book to stay on top of your property tax situation. The rules and techniques house tax reduction and land tax reduction do not change from year to year; this is the only text you will ever need.

"Taxation without representation is tyranny." - attributed to James Ohs
"Taxation with representation ain't so hot either." - Gerald Barzan

Why Should You Order This House Tax Reduction Book?

4 You'll know what crucial items the tax assessor will not inform you about
4 Your house tax assessment is based on a fraction of market value. You'll learn exactly how your house tax assessment relates to market value!
4 You'll understand an accurate and simple calculation technique to convert your house tax assessment to market value.
4 You'll be provided everything from A to Z in simple language to enable you to complete a winnable, defensible market analysis.
4 Learn whether environmental issues such as radon, water quality, air quality, lead solder, proximity of high EMF transformers or wires, flood zone etc. lower the value of your home.
4 Bypass expensive appraisers, property tax consultants and lawyers
4 Be provided complete home appraisal valuation forms using a time proven approach.
4 Find the property tax appeal process simplified with a fill-in-the-blank routine
4 Be shown 13 different pieces of information that, as attachments to your home appraisal analysis, will pay off.
4 Uncover any of 56 possible home tax assessment mistakes that you may find on your property record card
4 Be provided with home appraisal valuation techniques for conventionally-built homes, manufactured homes, mobile homes, lakefront and shore homes, log homes and condos.
4 Receive hundreds of easy-to-understand examples with simple step-by-step illustrations.
4 Learn how to adjust for varying types of home construction qualities.
4 Understand how to validate and account for various degrees of depreciation, dilapidation, wear and tear for any type of structure.
4 Be taught easy-to-learn methods with accepted home appraisal practices which are authoritatively footnoted by leading valuation experts.
4 Learn minimum standards for room size that indicate adjustments in your favor
4 Be shown winning strategies, reliable payoff techniques.
4 Bonus forms that cause a favorable impression available for free.

Do You Want to Win Your Property Tax Appeal?

        Purchase PROPERTY TAX APPEALS: HOW TO WIN YOUR CASE. How to Determine the Market Value of Residential Property and if you have a case - and win - you'll have the satisfaction of turning over a hidden asset that will save you money over and over again, year after year. The filing date to register your property tax appeal is growing closer; the odds to win can be in your favor with this book. Are you in that 60% over-assessed category? Do not be hoodwinked any longer. This book will lead you by the hand. It will show you precisely what to do without the huge time investment and learning curve.
      This invaluable book can be yours Submit your order today.
      FREE SPECIAL OFFER: Free: professional appearing forms that will gain an advantage. Free extra Residential Market Analysis Forms. Free Subject Photographic Addendum Forms. Free Comparative Photographic Addendum Forms.
      Have the perspectives and observations of leading home valuation experts at your disposal.
PROPERTY TAX APPEALS: HOW TO WIN YOUR CASE. How to Determine the Market Value of Residential Property will show you how to maximize your win. Become a smart, independent, prudent homeowner... click here to order.  Don't delay... Order Securely right now.


"It is a national outrage that in an age of computer technology, most governments fail to administer property taxes fairly.... the average taxpayer in most states still is at the mercy of inexpert local officials, arbitrary bureaucracies and privileged interests. Antiquated administrative practices and insufficient commitment of resources prevent even responsible officials from protecting the public interest." -Senator Edmund S. Muskie



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