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How to Win Property Tax Appeals

How to Determine the Market Value of Residential Property  by George W. Evers

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List Price: $27
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ebook in PDF format for
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Full 8.5 x 11 inch format, 148 pages
2nd edition

Easy to apply. Make an accurate valuation report.
Required if you own your home and need to check your property taxes.
Reliable dollar adjustment ranges for your home and comparable houses.
Reveals whether you have a case to effect a property tax refund.
Leads you through the process of organizing a successful property tax appeal.
Is authoritative, delivers vital how to information in an easy to understand format.
A necessary key to make sense of the process and unlock the maximum property tax refund due to you.
BONUS Free house appraisal and property tax appeal forms. The forms are PDF downloadable and provide a generic template to organize your information in an acceptable format so you can present your evidence in good style. It is similar to that used by licensed real estate appraisers.  You'll be given the password to access this information shortly after your order.

Review: This book is a must have for anyone who wants to reduce their property taxes or do an accurate home appraisal. Evers lays out the accepted valuation categories used by professional home appraisers and shares strategies to win a topnotch appeal. As a certified real estate appraiser and a property tax consultant, he has won over 90% of his clients appeals'. He is a published professional with articles appearing in leading real estate journals as well as in the electronic media. His book represents over 30 years of combined experience in the appraisal, tax appeal, real estate and construction industries.

      If your instincts tell you that you have been paying too much in property taxes, Evers' book will show specifically whether you are. He offers you everything you need to know to compile a persuasive property tax appeal. He shows you HOW using examples and providing all the necessary forms. Tax reduction, land or home, is made clear and easy to implement.

     Example of Valuation Categories Emphasized: Price/Gross Living Space, Sales or Financing Concessions, Date of Sale, Location, Types of Lots, Leasehold/Fee Simple, Site, Land Valuation Tables, Slope, Additional Site Criteria, Environmental Factors, Toxic and Environmental Contaminants, View, Design and Appeal, Various House Descriptions Categories, Quality of Construction, Age, Condition, Check List of Repair Items, Above Grade Room Count, Gross Living Area, Basement and Finished Rooms Below Grade, Functional Utility, Minimum Standards for Room Size, Heating and Cooling, Special Energy-Efficient Items, Garage/Carport, Porches, Patio, Deck, Fireplaces(s), Etc., Fence, Pool, Etc., Net Adjustments, Adjusted Sales Price of Comparables and the Final Indicated Value of Subject explained in full. Fill in the blank home appraisal forms make the process simple for you. 

     Can you see yourself spending more time making a perfect presentation that brings in a reduction in property taxes, and less time fussing
around trying to figure out what values to arrive at for your comparable properties? The new Property Tax Appeal Equalizer, let's you do it many times faster than conventional sources!
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     Property tax and home appraisal guidelines make your property taxes understandable. Property tax appeals are winnable because of inaccurate or misconstrued house market values.

     Check your local book store and see if you can find a home property appraisal book that gives you actual authoritative guidelines that you can easily follow. We're betting you can't. The more you keep reading our ad the more you feel it would be a waste to let this opportunity slip by.

     Start using Property Tax Appeals: How To Win Your Case in order to pin point your residential property value. In most states, what you win rolls over through many future years. When would you like to multiply your yearly property tax savings?

     This is the best quality ebook of it's type on the market. I’ve put all this information into a simple ebook that you can check out right now, if you like. This ebook is just $27. I also include a valuable package of prototype forms and presentation folders so your appeal has a more polished look.

     You don’t risk a penny by trying it out. Take 60 days to decide. If you’re not happy, you can get a fast refund, with no questions asked, just by returning it to me. No questions asked.

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Property Tax Appeals: How To Win Your Case
How to Determine the Market Value of Residential Property
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You will be downloading and learning from this breakthrough information within just a few minutes... and using it to win a property tax appeal!
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And very, very soon...
you'll be doing exactly what the title says...
Winning your Property Tax Appeal!

"In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing" - Theodore Roosevelt   
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A downside of this book is that it's not the sleekest, best looking one in its class. No one is going to tell you how cool your ebook looks.
The upside is that it does what it says it will - it works !!

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*** Get reliable comparable sales information a fast way ***

Collect Comparable Real Estate Facts Online - save yourself some time.

Obtain documented evidence and backup for your valuation conclusion.

See a free sample to determine if this is right for you.

Inexpensive Complete Property Valuation Evidence Source

Most appraisers keep their ways of generating sales data information under tight wraps. Real Estate Appraisers charge up to $500 for a Market Valuation Report for your home.

I'm also going to let you in on of my favorite 100% LOW COST Market Value Resources. On-Line Appraiser!

So you can...

  • Generate as much relevant information to your new Property Tax Appeal as necessary!
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  • Get Detailed Maps, lot sizes, square footage data, real time information CHEAPLY!
  • Lots more, all included absolutely CHEAP!
[Option A] Personalized Home Valuation Report Cost: $29.
· Automated Valuation Model (AVM)
· Accurate Market Value
· Up to 15 Recent Comparable Sales
· Detailed Maps with Comps
· Real-Time Property Information
· Tax Assessor Data
· Lot Size, Square Footage
· Legal Description
· Sales History
· Charted Valuation - Trend Graphs

[Option B] Subject Property with Recent Sales Report Cost: $9.90
· Detailed Property Information
· Comparable Sales List
· Complete Tax Assessor Data
· Transaction History

Check Out Instant On-Line Appraiser!

Note: You should drive by the comparable to verify condition and pick out any additional or missing variables that might have been missed in the property report. I find the real estate "sold" multiple listing book gives free reliable information also.

Obtain sold date data, square footage, living area, amenities, number of rooms, pool, fireplace, air conditioning, sales price, assessments, lot and block number, address, ... AND comparable properties.

If you do not want to do all the legwork, this may just be what you are looking for. You would still have to look at the property and neighborhood to fine tune your adjustments.

Take a look. It may save you time gathering the information you need.

Anyone can instantly determine the value of any home. It's quick, easy and useful. Establish a Current Home Valuation Online in Real-time!

Detailed real estate property reports fit a variety of uses.

Whether you're a Buyer, Property Owner, Assessor, Auditor, Appraiser, For Sale By Owner, Insurance Agency, or a Lending Institution

Your source for instant accurate facts to help determine your real estate values. Home Valuations! See a sample valuation NOW.




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